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Interested in a legal internship?  There are plenty of opportunities to work at some of the top law firms and Fortune 1000 companies.  

Start your career off right. 
Land the right internship, with the right employer.

There are currently no jobs available at this time!

Do’s and Don’ts in an Internship

Job Interview


  • Make sure to have a communication with all the co-interns as well as mentors from time to time to understand the work ethics and functionalities of the place where you are interning.

  • Meet the deadlines with respect to the work allotted to you.

  • Be in consistent communication with your mentor for receiving constructive feedback and extending your ambit of learning.

  • Attempt to be at constant availability for work. This practice shall give you an edge above the others as it shows your interest in the work and makes you more prominent in receiving work from the mentors.



  • Tactics involving flattering the mentors shall be discouraged as the mentors would prefer timely quality work over wastage of time in flattery.

  • Repetitive reminders with respect to work allotment and work-to-be-reviewed may make you vulnerable to your mentor’s annoyance. Reminders shall be made considering the amount of work the mentors have to undertake.

  • Avoid missing deadlines as punctuality is the key to ace your internship.

Intern: Learn by doing

My advice for young people is, study what you love and intern in what you want to do. And I think it’s okay to pivot as many times as you need to.

-Eva Chen

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