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JPMorgan Chase

VP & Assistant General Counsel - Commercial Banking/Corporate Client Banking & Specialized Industries and International Banking Legal

You will be part of a team supporting Corporate Client Banking/Specialized Industries (CCBSI), and report to the Practice Group Head for these units. CCBSI is one of the main sub-lines of business (LOBs) within JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMC)’s Commercial Banking (CB) line of business, providing U.S.-based clients and a growing list of non-U.S. based clients in 15+ countries with US$500 million-$2+billlion in annual revenue with JPMC’s full suite of financial services, including credit, payments, and investment banking services. At $3.25 billion of annual revenue, CCBSI generates over 1/3 of Commercial Banking’s total annual revenue. Client industry specialties within CCBSI include technology; sports and advertising; entertainment; oil & gas exploration, production and service companies; domestic banks, specialty finance, mortgage warehouse finance, insurance and other financial institutions; healthcare, real estate and power and utilities.

In addition to supporting clients on traditional banking matters and transactions, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with deposit and cash management products, regulatory and compliance issues affecting financial institutions and new developments, products and players in financial services (e.g., fintechs, big techs, new payments systems, blockchain, AI, quantum computing, data use and protection, cybersecurity, etc.) and their impact to CCBSI and its clients, and be the Legal representative for CCBSI and/or CB on broader projects.

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