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New Jersey


VP, Corporate Counsel, Transactions

The Prudential Retirement Strategies Legal Team is part of the US Business Law Group of Prudential’s Law Department. We are seeking a highly talented, business savvy and experienced transaction lawyer to join the legal team within Retirement Strategies Law that supports Retirement Strategies’ Investment & Pension Solutions (IPS) group and supports reinsurance matters more broadly across Prudential’s domestic and international businesses. IPS offers, among other things, domestic and international pension risk transfer products. Pension risk transfer products enable a defined benefits plan to transfer its pension liability to Prudential. The “funded” transfer structure, which is most prevalent in the U.S. market, involves the transfer by a pension plan of risks associated with the pension liability in return for a one-time premium. The “longevity only” transfer structure, which is most prevalent in overseas pension markets, involves the transfer of the risk that plan participants, as a whole, live longer than expected.

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