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Senior Legal Counsel-Innovation Banking, Wholesale and Credit Lending (Job ID

As Senior Legal Counsel on the Wholesale Credit & Lending Legal team, you will provide legal advice, guidance and support to HSBC’s Innovation Banking team in Commercial Banking. Commercial banking has been at the core of HSBC since 1865. HSBC Innovation Banking is our enhanced global innovation practice, a globally connected, specialized banking proposition to support a broad range of innovation economy companies across all stages of growth in technology, life sciences, and healthcare, and their investors. The HSBC Innovation Banking proposition is part of CMB, so its strategic priorities align with CMB’s strategy of helping businesses grow by supporting their financial needs; facilitating cross-border trade and payments; and providing access to international markets. HSBC Innovation Banking is unique, combining innovation expertise, bespoke financial and lending services with the global platform of HSBC. This combination allows us to support innovation businesses through all of their life stages: from early-stage, growth, through to late-stage public and private corporates; and to support them with our broader HSBC platform. Globally, HSBC Innovation Banking will connect innovation centers like Boston, New York and the Bay Area, with start-up innovation hubs like Israel, the U.K. and Hong Kong.

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