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New York

The Juilliard School

Associate General Counsel - Intellectual Property, Gifts, and Contracts (Job ID: 650)

"This Associate General Counsel position will be responsible for handling a wide range of matters including individual giving; gift vehicles such as family foundations and donor advised funds; corporate and individual sponsorships; government and foundation grants; exhibition loan agreements; transfer agreements; goods and services agreements; non-profit tax matters such as the deductibility of donations and UBIT; data privacy; IT license, software, and service agreements; IP licensing and distribution; copyright and other intellectual property matters; mediations; preparing and filing cy pres petitions and basic motion practice; basic contract review; and handle a variety of other matters as directed by the General Counsel. One of the fundamental obligations of the position is an awareness and understanding of the obligations The Juilliard School has as a tax-exempt educational organization so that appropriate legal advice and representation is provided.

The expected salary range for this position is $180,000 to $187,000.

The salary is based on a number of individualized factors, including, but not limited to, skills, knowledge, training, education, credentials, areas of specialization, and scope of experience."

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